Our mission is to inspire others to make sustainable choices by offering products that combine purpose, style, and quality at an accessible price.

Our Phoenix fabric strap is made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles. Curious how?

How It’s Made:

    • 1. Sort it.
      Clear plastic PET bottles are collected and cleaned at the sorting facility. Fun fact — To easily remove the labels, the bottles are bathed in acid. Ironically, soda which often comes in plastic bottles, can cause acid reflux in humans.
    • 2. Shred it.
      Bottles are crushed into small plastic flakes. If you happen to enjoy watching parmesan cheese being grated on top of pasta, surely this is also a process you will enjoy watching.
    • 3. Melt it.
      The plastic flakes are melted into small pellets. While they might resemble Tic Tacs, regrettably the pellets do not freshen breath.
    • 4. Spin it.
      The pellets are melted again, then extruded and spun into thread. You know what else melts? Ice cream. And hearts, especially during the adolescent years.
    • 5. Weave it.
      The thread is woven into fabric and dyed. We like to combine colors in order to create the most desirable patterns possible. It’s nice to be desired.
    • 6. Sew it.
      The fabric is sewn together to create (what some would consider) the most stylish bags and accessories known to humankind. Fun fact — It takes 3 plastic bottles to make one Phoenix strap.


    Adapted to watches, solar technology provides unbeatable performances on many aspects. 
    It’s powered by nature. Light is a free, natural and unlimited energy. Our movement absorbs this energy from everywhere, outside or inside, and brings life to our watches, just as the sun does for humans. 

    It’s easy going. Three hours wear on your wrist will provide up to six months of power reserve, without any light. In simple words: it’s perpetual energy on your wrist.

    It’s sustainable. No disposable battery, so minimal impact. 

    It’s service-free, which means no extra cost.

    Our solar movement is made in Japan by company owned by Seiko. Which means a perfect accuracy, and à 99,5% reliability rate


    "Three hours wear on your wrist will provide
    up to six months of power reserve."


    For us, just as for most people, the experience of a product starts with the box: we wanted it to transmit our values at first glance. 100% recycled and recyclable FSC paper, even though you won't want to throw it away. It's 15% lighter than a standard box, with the same volume, and this allows us to optimize our carbon impact.


    The recycled polyester we use is supplied by our partner in Australia, and it is sewed in their factory in Taiwan.
    Our watches are then manufactured by our trusted partners in Hong Kong and France. We are committed to ensuring our factories follow international standards regarding labor, wages and safety practices. We believe in being very hands-on with our manufacturing process and work very closely with our factories.