Here we are – the heart of the project.

Right from day one, our mission was to prove that there is a smarter and more sustainable way to consume goods. We wanted to prove that we can create objects with innovative design and very high quality, while managing to limit our environmental impact as much as possible.

So, how did we achieve our goals?

Let’s start with the Phoenix strap, the part we are the most proud of; we’ve created an all new process (and product). The fabric we use for the strap is made from plastic waste, which has been collected from South Asian seas and Japan. Our supplier turns the plastic into pellets, and then into nylon yarn. We create our straps directly from rolls of this material, which is made using no chemical dyes, and is certified by the Global Recycled Standard label. This strap has a story to tell, and that is why we called it ‘Phoenix’.

Let’s continue with our Italian leather strap. It took us a long time to find the right supplier, because, even though Italy has a good reputation for leather goods, you can really find all levels, from the best to the worst. We definitely found the right one, a French company, which is able to provide us with the highest quality and which will last for a long time. Because we wanted to avoid chemicals, we opted for a vegetable tanning process. This means the leather looks more natural, and has no (useless) chemical protection, but rather guarantees the development of a nice and unique patina, over time.

And, do you know what? We’ve decided that both straps will be delivered with any watch for the Kickstarter, so you can change the style in less than 20 seconds. That’s one more reason to jump on it when we launch!

The recycled steel that we use is 100% 316L, the highest-quality standard. It is also 100% recyclable, and anti-allergic on the skin. There’s nothing to add!

Last, but no least: our packaging. For us, just as for most people, the experience of a product starts with the box: we wanted it to transmit our values at first glance. 100% recycled and recyclable, even though you won’t want to throw it away. It’s 15% lighter than a standard box, with the same volume, and this allows us to optimize our carbon impact (as we said, it’s all in the detail).

We see our customers as ambassadors for change, who reject disposable products and planned obsolescence, and who are eager to preserve the planet for future generations. Our watch will accompany them everywhere, and will testify to these shared values.

Next story to come: the solar movement. We will tell you what amazing capacities it has, with a very low environmental impact. The future of watchmaking is here.