When I embarked in this journey, almost 18 months ago now, I knew it would be a challenge for me to design a watch that would bring something different on the market. I wanted it to be minimalist in a way but also with a strong personality. Something we’d never seen before.

Our goal to create the most sustainable watch ever doesn’t mean we had to fall into the caricature. Our inspiration comes from natural forms, shapes and textures, and the sustainability is reflected through our industrial processes.

Working with Lilian was a blessing because he has a strong knowledge of the watch industry. And he loves details. Like, a lot! We were then able to work hard on every aspect of the watch.

The hardest part has been the dial, as we wanted it to be pure, but not boring. Designed with a 3d shape inspired by ocean seabed and mountain terrain, its texture is a reminder of the organic side of our design. We made a large number of tests to get the final colors : electric blue, khaki green, sequoia brown and dark-grey-to-black. Their reflections are just beautiful, going from something very discrete to something much more vivid, depending on the light and the angle. We were satisfied enough that we decided to engrave our logo on the case back, the dial having enough character to do without it. A big job has been done on the case to get a subtle alternation between brushed and polished surfaces. Even on the buckle. As a result, it’s a pleasure to look at it from all sides.

Last but not least, hands and markers has been coated with C1 SuperLuminova, which increases the visibility when the light comes down while giving a beautiful look in the dark. Our watch definitely focuses on accentuating emotional expression and natural impression. In the end, we’ve made a watch that highlights the successful combination of design and sustainability. In the next chapter, Lilian will reveal the stories behind our complex industrial process.