4 Surprising Reasons To Protect Our Oceans, Plus How

We swim in it, gaze at it, and eat food from it. Beyond leisure activities, there are even bigger reasons the ocean exists. Here’s why and how to protect the ocean.


The Ocean is in Trouble — Plastic pollution, overfishing, excessive C02 emissions, and minimal authority protection of the ocean has led to an global environmental crisis.


Have you heard of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch? It’s a continent the size of  Texas made of plastic floating in the middle of the Pacific. There are four more gyres like these around the world. 90% of big fish are gone. And if no urgent changes are made, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.


The Air We Breathe — The ocean is what makes the planet habitable. Covering 72% of Earth, the ocean supplies more than half the oxygen we breathe. Think about this: every breath we take, we’re connected to the ocean. It’s simple: when we protect nature, nature protects us.


The Water Cycle — When sun rays heat the ocean, the water surface evaporates to form clouds thus providing fresh rainfall. This nourishes all life on earth, creating forests, watering food produce, allowing for drinking, and so much more.


Fewer Natural Disasters — The ocean regulates our climate and weather patterns, transporting heat from the equator to the poles. It also absorbs 50x more C02 than our atmosphere. If we’re emitting C02 faster than the ocean and plants can absorb, this leads to rising temperatures and sea levels resulting in hurricanes and typhoons.




So we know that a healthier ocean means a healthier planet. Here are 7 simple but effective lifestyle changes to help protect our oceans.

  1. Discover ocean-saving lifestyle brands - check out this watch made out of recycled fishing nets.
  2. Look for plastic-free alternatives like coffee cups, straws and shopping bags.
  3. Reduce your carbon footprint such as walking and cycling instead of driving.
  4. Opt for sustainably sourced seafood when grocery shopping or dining out.
  5. Take care of the beach - enjoy it, take care of wildlife, and leave without a trace.
  6. Volunteer at a local beach clean-up or donate to ocean-saving organisations.
  7. Speak up, ask questions, and share learnings in your community and to the government.

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